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Granma's Closet ©

Margaret Leith Minter
Victoria B.C., Canada

Granma has a closet,
where every shelf is stacked,
with boxes, bags and cartons full of junk;
Books and beads and ribbons;
a crumpled silken rose;
Coats and hats and dresses, in an old tin trunk.

There's a book that's really funny,
full of yellowed photographs,
with corners that are tattered, bent and brown;
and in between the pages
a four-leafed clover's pressed,
with a piece of lace from Granma's wedding-gown.

Some letters tied with ribbon,
a postcard from New York,
For Granma, each one holds a memory,
And someday, when I'm older, I'll have a closet too,
With lots of junk that all belongs to me!

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