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Nandlal Kanjibhai Pancholi
Gujarat, India

Scribbled on public urinal walls
Scrawled on latrines of cinema halls
Sexy messages with illustration
Depicting process of procreation
Pithy remarks voicing political conviction
Agitprop's propaganda in cute slogan
Sometimes so obscene that the reader is blushed
Sometimes so confusing that he is nonplussed
Often revealing a pent up feeling
Or divulging clandestine dealing
Is this advanced version of caveman drawings?
Or stark human soul that in darkness sings?
Shall we call it safe dumping of public id?
Or hungry hearts that in loneliness bleed?
Be it as it may, it's something grotesque
And for its advance weeds of taboo bushwhack
It's hazardous to ignore writings on walls
Though it neither bewitches nor enthralls

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