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Grace O'Malley part 9 ©

The Meeting of Queens (1593)

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

“The Queen, surrounded by her ladies, received her in great state.
Grana was introduced in the dress of her country:
a long mantle covered her head and body;
her hair was gathered on her crown and fastened with a bodkin;
her breast was bare, and she had a yellow bodice and petticoat.

The court stared at her with surprise at so strange a figure,
when one of the ladies perceived that Grace wanted a pocket handkerchief,
which was instantly handed to her.

After she had used it she threw it into the fire.
Another was given her, and she was told by an interpreter
that it was to be put in her pocket.

Grace felt indignant at this intimation and applying it to her
nose threw it into the fire, declaring that in her country they
were much cleanlier than to pocket what came from their nostrils.”

Grace had sailed boldly up the Thames to Greenwich,
and obtained a pardon, providing that she…
“...invade with sword and fire all (Her) Highnesses enemies
wheresoever they are or shall be
without any interruption of any person or person whatsoever.”

Grace O’Malley died peacefully in 1603.
The End

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