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Grace O'Malley part 6 ©

Iron Dick Burke

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

Grace was in control of the sea around the bay
Piloting, pirating and plundering at leisure
Much to the annoyance of Sir Henry Sidney
And Elizabeth 1, who was showing her displeasure

Rockfleet Castle was high on Grace’s plan
So she arranged to marry the chieftain of the clan
After just one year of subliminal married bliss
She dismissed Richard Burke by the blowing of a kiss

Sailing along on a trading trip to Spain
Grace found herself in considerable pain
Theobold, the unborn son within her womb
Decided it was time that he had a bit more room

Some time later when she was a little more relaxed
A Turkish raiding ship approached and then attacked
A wild pirateer had her captain by the neck
When Grace appeared like a banshee on the deck
“May you be seven times worse this day twelve months,
who cannot do without me for one day!”
Waving her blunderbuss she yelled,
“Take this from unconsecrated hands!”

Grace O’Malley’s crew captured their ship, cast the crew adrift,
and added the galley to their burgeoning fleet

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