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Grace O'Malley part 3 ©

Donal O’Flaherty

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

“Twas a proud and stately castle in the years of long ago
When the dauntless Grace O'Malley ruled a Queen in fair Mayo.
And from Bernham's lofty summit to the waves of Galway Bay
And from Castlebar to Ballintra her unconquered flag held sway”

Grace had followed in her father’s wake
Learning the ropes the knots and the tackle
The battles the storms and the risks she could take
With her flag flying high after every debacle

With her small fleet of swift caravelles
Slicing through the wild Atlantic swells
Trading and raiding with two hundred men
Scudding home safe to Clare Island again

Donal O’Flaherty, the son of the clan
Was arranged to marry the petticoat Queen
Emotion was never a part of the plan
Political power was plain to be seen

Together they formed a formidable force
With Donal’s small fleet of galleys of course
Plundering the Spanish off the English port of Galway
Then homeward heavy-laden to their castle in the bay

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