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Grace O'Malley 1530-1603 ©

Black Oak

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

“Och, would ye look at that man, sure he’s built like a tree.”
A description describing a remarkable bloke
A seafaring wayfaring man of the sea
Captain Owen O’Malley, the sturdy ‘Black Oak’

In 1530 he fathered a lass
To be cosseted nurtured and dressed in fine lace
From a barrel of whiskey he raised up his glass
And toasted the health of his new-born girl, Grace

At nine years of age Grace became bolder
Taking more and more interest in her father’s affair
Never too far from the buccaneer’s shoulder
She dressed as a lad and shorned her auburn hair

Ignoring the taunts of ‘a baldy disgrace’
She secretly hid in the cargo of a galley-boat
Captained by her father, she didn’t meet him face-to-face
‘Till well out to sea, where she surfaced in her petticoat

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