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Goodnight Scotland ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

I donít know how to say goodbye
Our even if I can,
Each time I think of you
My mindís like shifting sand.

In my childhood you were so good to me
You nourished me and give me life,
It was not you that let me down
It was my choice, thatís life.

I turned around and walked away
Without a second thought,
In all the years since then
Time just seemed to stop.

I wonder through your glens
In the early morning mist,
Sometimes I sit and ponder
On all the things I missed

I have followed your rivers
Your mountains and lochs,
Walked through your meadows
And worshiped youíre cross

You are my homeland
Where I belong,
I sing your praises
I sing your songs.

Your shadows linger wherever I go
I think of the winter, the hard frost and snow.
The long summer days, dark clouds overhead
Goodnight Scotland I am off to bed.

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