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Goodbye for Now my Trusted Friend ©

(For Father)

Paul Murdoch
Alexandria, Scotland

Goodbye for now my trusted friend,
As you’ve moved on and I remain;
Alone, but still I have your likeness
Etched upon my soul.

You touched my hand and honed my life
And set me on this wondrous course.
You led me through the downs and dales,
We smelt the flowers and sang our songs.

The horsehair cushioned musty aisles,
The painted yew and splendid spires.
Of all my childhood reminisces,
Your's will never fade and die.

You walked the walk and talked the talk
Your innocence made fools of men.
A Godly man, I know for sure
That Angels smile and hold the door.

As once you told us goodnight stories
I will tell my children too
How caterpillars get their wings
And true love is the purest thing.

Goodbye for now my trusted friend;
We never once had angry words
And now you lie in shade and peace
I know we never will.

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