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Glendevon Holiday Park Youth Rangers ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Kansas, USA

Off from the caravan park the old van set forth,
at a steady pace and heading north
Some of the kids had bits of heather
to bring good luck and sunny weather.

Up Glendevon passed the motorway bridge,
passed the hills with the rocky ridge.
The roadsides thick with rasps and rowans
and heather growing in with snowy gowans.

This old banger van in expert hands
drove slowly along as the law demands.
Near Muthil we stopped a real tough battle,
to get on clear from a herd of cattle.

No wonder then when we reached Crieff,
the kids couldn't hide their grief.
The reason for them all feeling blue,
was the shops had shut till quarter past two.

Well up the Sma Glen and Amulree
and all the hills that we could see.
As further North and East we held
and then we drove into Dunkeld.

Well we stopped and had a cup of tea
and there we had a joyous spree.
The food we had I thought was right
to satisfy each appetite.

Then all the kids said with a cheeky wink,
Jonni I'd like to have another drink.
So the kids all had a walk around
there was lots of pleasure to be found.

We left Dunkeld all feeling fine,
when suddenly I looked, must watch the time.
Through Perth the van made steady running
and a few miles later we entered Dunning.

I stopped again and in they tore
for lemonade and sweets once more.
Then homeward bound we sang a song
even I started to sing as I drove along.
Regardless of our different years
that was a happy day, it chased away my tears.

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