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Glencoe ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

The Glen is quiet and peaceful now all soft and white with snow
and is called 'The Glen of Weeping' this place they call Glencoe
For long ago in days of yore it was a place of infamy
where slaughter in the night was done by Clan Campbell treachery
Yet they had been MacDonald's guests where food and board were given free
for tradition in the hills and glens was for highland hospitality
They ate and drank and then they slept in the houses of the clan
till they rose up in dead of night and slew them to a man
They had been MacDonald's guests with few feelings of discord
so why did they, with treacherous guile, put their hosts to the sword?
Oh what a waste of precious life as right and left they slew
and men and women were cut down by that traitor Campbell crew
They slew them as they lay a' bed some died fast and some died slow
and many clansfolk who escaped froze and perished in the snow
They put that village to the sword and they left it in some state
for after they had done the deed the body count was thirty eight
What a stupid senseless slaughter of men and bairns, who did no harm,
and no one reached the signal rock to raise the Glen's alarm
In all the annals of our history there was ne'er a night so gory
For even for those violent times this is a sad, sad story
And even today when in that Glen as I gaze upon that scene
I can feel the spirits linger there though it is now calm and so serene
Come stand with me and feel a sense of foreboding in the snow,
as the wind sighs through that 'Weeping Glen' in that place they call Glencoe!

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