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Glasgow ©

Stephen Daly
Glasgow, Scotland

Open top bus driving along
tour guide harps a Celtic song

people walk proud city stance
tenement buildings sash windows

here a bridge ae tha swahili drift
nestling distinct as patter thrifts

main square statues elapsed in trance
elegant in stance they took a chance

Jimmy tha corner fae an era gone
lives in schisms sups liquid rythms

painters famed in exhibit hall
treasured labour remembered names

university memoirs of officials old
here we sat before digging gold

housed an inventor in a high rise block
inspired by ships at tha quay side dock

girders an cranes by tha clyde
premier vessels sail with on a tide

breezy bars amongst tha best
inviting tae lounge an hae a rest

aw in aw a fish an a bell
tha city ae Glasgow a story tae tell

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