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Ghosts of the Clans ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty & Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Celtic legends of centuries
Keep their past alive
I hear bagpipes calling my name
I smell the sweet of the flower of Scotland's heart
And want to take my wings for flying again
To the lochs and glens
the mist is dancing over the battlefields
I can see the ghosts of the past
Their faces coloured in blood of my country's dream
A wish called freedom
A world without chains
I know it might come true
And see the beautiful landscape of Caledonia
In every morning dew and the thistles flourish
In the northern twilight
Where my dream will be called out
And the song of freedom for Scotland
United we stand
I will never feel fears
For I see the ghosts of the clans
And hear the bagpipes calling my name
In the nights the wind whispers over the glens
And the crescent moon kisses the blooming heather
Every night I dream the same old dreams
And the ghosts of the ancient battlefields
Carry my heart to the rose of my county
And over the moor lands I can hear the bagpipes
Calling my name

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