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Ghosts ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Is anyone out there I hear you cry,
is there really ghosts of people who die?
Do they come back to haunt us and give us a fright,
do they come by day or only at night?
Many say they saw one or was it a dream,
if you saw one would you let out a scream?
Do ghosts exist is it really true
is there lots and lots or only a few?
Do they appear in castles and stately homes?
that is where most people see them that's where they roam.
Or is this a ploy by stately home owners,
to make money and use ghosts as a bonus?
Can mediums really contact the dead?
or is this a trick to fool those easily led.
If ghosts really exist and it is a fact,
then we can all look forward when we go to come back..

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