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Ghosts and Things ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Ghosts, are there such things?
Phantoms are created in our minds,
The child that cries every night
The room is empty, switch on the light.

The coach in the driveway is not there
I thought I saw it, it was so unfair,
The headless man that walks our streets
On sound of footsteps perhaps no feet:

Why is there a lady in a white vale?
Outside a church she looks so pale,
A sailing ship out on the sea
No one on board that one can see.

On the moor I saw a light
There was no stars, no moon that night,
I saw a man just sitting there
Odd to say, there was no one there.

A village, I have never been
And yet I am home, or so it seems,
A Bowling Green down by the river
There is nothing there, was there ever?

Swans I see then very well
A black shed was there, I could tell,
There was no hotel or a pub
Whisky was the only hub.

If all things I saw were unreal
Near the shore, I saw an image of a seal,
A man of copper looking out to sea
Ghosts, are things no one can see?

All through life we know our way
A guardian angel, someone will say,
A gentle breeze on ones ear
We all know the Lord near.

I always know when you are there
If only you could hear my prayer,
Down in the valley, up on the hill
If only! I know it is your will.

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