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George Walker Bush ©

Stewarton, Scotland

I really like George Walker Bush, that freedom fighting Texan
The only thing he lacks, for me, is a six gun and a Stetson
Apart from that he's number one, a great guy, what a statesman
He'll lead us to the ends of time with his bloody warring statements

Poor John Kerry ran him close, packed each and every rally
But when the votes were counted, who could argue with the tally?
George was back, despite the flack, for four more freeing years
So watch out Bin, he's after you, and it's gonna end in tears

So who else should be wary: apart from all the life on earth?
Well pregnant women everywhere don't bother giving birth
A special vote of caution goes to naughty errant nations
Those evil axis countries better man their battle stations

Beware you evil doers plotting mayhem in Tehran
Beware, of course, Koreans scheming schemes in old Pyongyang
George is gonna get you and he's gonna get you soon
That thorny bush you represent is gonna get a prune

Now some folk think he's evil and he came from Satan's spawn
But he'll carry on with God's work, make that eighth day have its dawn
So if you die in service thank wee George you died in freedom
But his father could have saved you if he'd just worn a little condom

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