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Gallus Bouys Way Gallus Suits ©

Paul Murdoch
Alexandria, Scotland

Gallus bouys way galus suits
An shiney winkul-picker boots.
Way ties aw knottet roon our heeds
An every rustit bike a steed.

'Yall hing as ye grow, 'ma maw wid say,
'Ye filthy two-bit tearaway.
Git oot an work ye lazy git;
Yer da is gonna huv a fit.'

'Oot knockin apels, knickin bikes;
Smertin up, ye two-bit tikes'
She'd banter on, we'd hit the wids
An scare the shit oot aw the kids

The wrinklies, they wid gee us grief-
'We'll tell your mother, and the police!'
'Gee us peace.' we used te say,
En pan their windies anyway...

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