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Galloway Folk ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

When I was a child so very small
Mum and Dad seemed very tall,
They took my hand and held me tight
And taught me all things that are right.

They told me stories, laughter and songs
Go to the church when things go wrong,
Listen to his words of love
Wisdom comes from heaven above.

All through the winter when in the night
Shadows flickering in the light,
Frosty mornings rain and snow
Tall beach trees and how they grow.

I walked in their shadow
Where the daffodils grow,
I followed the river
Down through the snow.

Over hill and through the glens
Foxes curled up in their den,
Old Meg that lived out on the moors
Cold winter winds that she endured.

Today, and all years past
Love is the only thing that lasts,
If you were loved, pass it on
Mum and Dad have now gone.

Their stories, I hold very dear
Through childhood days and adult years,
Their songs and love are all true,
The love I give is just for you.

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