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G8/Sir Bob he told the masses Iím sick of all their talk ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Make your way to Edinburgh come and stand and mock
Ignore the politician spite or global rhetoric
Marines; Police their badgering, really makes me sick
They do not simply understand, itís this they have to face
People dying in their thousands; extinction of a race
Itís time to stop the deaths.. from dysentery and Aids
From starving souls and poverty.. dying now each day
From thirst and war and hunger.. most of it man-made
From debt of greedy nations.. corrupt dictating ways
Police called Midge outrageous but the Council didnít care
Crispies are your problem and that idiot called Blair
It was he who called the Summit to faze Electioneers
Raised the plight of suffering folk to counter-act his fears
Promised all in token-form to help these dying folk
Now you hear us speak in anger and think itís all a joke
And so they came a million strong by plane by foot by car
From every nation round the globe and distant Zanzibar
They came in to stay in Campsites or any Holy Ground
To stand and make their mark and make the day profound
They came with every language every race and creed
They came to stand and effin shout itís time to stop the greed

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