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From Eden ©

J.M. Smith
Illinois, USA

The moon will rise tomorrow,
and I'll be on my way
Down through a city of loneliness
into the dark of day.

Pass the shadows of sunlight,
over the softness of stone,
My image on the blind man's eyesight,
in a crowd, I'm walking alone.

I cross the boundary of emptiness.
I look back and see far ahead.
I cry because things seem funny,
and I live in spite of the dead.

As I travel, my journey grows longer.
My goal keeps slipping away.
My foe, though dying, seems stronger,
and I chill in the heat of the day.

I pay from the side of charity.
I'm bound to a chainless ball.
I lie. That's the truth! I swear to you!
But I don't swear, so there! Damn it all!

The woman I loved, I killed her
with kindness. I hated her so.
The cherry of life bloomed in winter
and melted from the heat of the snow.

I search for the one who found me.
Though mute, I scream out his name!
Though mindless, I think of the reasons.
Innocently, I know he's to blame.

And I sit by a flameless firelight,
and I listen to silence speak,
And I kiss the hand that has robbed me.
I've forgotten what it is that I seek.

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