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Froggy the Smile ©

Josef Lesser
Coffs Harbour, Australia

She opened the door stepped outside
and for the first time in days smiled,
a smile like nourishing face cream spread all over.

The postman on his bike stopped,
greeted and delivered the letter,
her smile like a tiny frog jumped into his mail bag
and he found himself smiling,
rare for the start of his day.

Riding along, the tiny frog then hitched another lift
on the head of a schoolboy running
to the bus stop who immediately smiled
which he couldn’t really understand
as he had left his homework on his bed.

Reaching the stop, Froggy dived onto the lap
of the local bank manager who also caught the contagious grin
unusual for him,
so much so that he couldn’t resist the 'Mars Bar' in his briefcase
which he ate with relish,
an addiction normally conducted in the privacy of his office.

Then the smile slid down the handle of a pram coming to rest on a baby’s nose,
instant burst of giggles like invisible paint coated the bus stop.
An old man smiled,
the first in ten years,
dormant muscles ached with stirring.

Froggy was pleased with his morning's performance
and with a final encore parachuted ever so lightly
landing on the breast of a pretty young lady who smiled up at the sky.
She not only smiled,
but you know the story,
she kissed our tiny friend, keeping her fingers crossed and praying.

Well why not?
It worked for Mary Donaldson.

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