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Friends ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

So many folk I have known in my life
sharing the sorrow the joy and the strife
chums at the school that I knew oh so well
who went off to war and in foreign fields fell
girls at the school who went on to dance
and some that I even took out to romance
family and friends now scattered all over
who sailed away from the white cliffs of Dover
pals that I knew in the pubs and the clubs
some now long gone to the sky up above
they shared our sorrow our joys and emotions
and rejoiced with us if we got promotion
I think of them often the ones that I knew
in the army in wartime that bright happy crew
Where are they now I muse and I ponder
are they alive are they dead I sit and I wonder
Their faces I see at times in my dreams
as I ponder the purpose of life and itís schemes
Are they all alive still these men that I knew
who served in the colours of the red white and blue
We all swore to write and to keep in touch
but with all of those names it was really too much
we all live our lives now in our present sphere
as we socialise now with the folk who are here
memories fade as the years they pass by
and some of the sadness can make us all cry
But the past is a memory fading too soon
and the morning of life has become afternoon
Then as we move on into the gentle twilight
be prepared for the dark as we move into night
And then as we sail across lifeís tranquil lake
we will arise in the dawn as we then all awake
and if again we meet friends that we all have known
it will be soothing to know we are never alone

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