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For The Cause ©

Stephen James
Glasgow, Scotland

A seed, once planted, germinates,
As it grows, it swells.
It makes connections with
The soil,
Working up to bursting forth,
Though it knows not into what
Much less into where.

The seedling, once rooted, stretches out,
As it grows further, it reaches.
It develops perceptions of
The soil,
The air,
The sun.
It works at establishing itself
As the soil nurtures,
The air caresses,
The sun nourishes it.

As the young plant grows yet further,
The soil whispers,
The air convinces,
The sun conditions;
It listens, it absorbs,
And eventually, it follows

It prepares one bright bloom,
And concentrating
All of its vitality
And though it has known nothing but Spring,
It prepares to be utterly spent
In one blinding flash
Of colour.

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