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For no Apparent Reason ©

Robin MacLean
Oban, Scotland

Sometimes I cry for no apparent reason
like just right now I could call on tears
they would obey like tiny soldiers and march
they would fight their way towards the ground

It seems like there is no engine without an inventor
he it was that gave the metal life
and so it must be for my precipitation
for it is a fact that logic must make sense

Tears, they should be made expensively to buy
that way they would be used more properly
of course the overly rich would still be wanton buyers
and using them for capricious occasions

Anyway, I too would still buy them
maybe though I wouldn't just right now
O how this chess board of life is never ending
It's so hard to know what piece to move
and it's hard not to cry when you know that you're not king
but even if you would still be crying.

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