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Forgotten Dignity ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

In days gone by, a friend of mine
His humor and wit would blow your mind,
Advice was always at the ready
Caring helping always steady.

With a smile there was no malice
No reckless thoughts or aspirations to a palace,
Giving was his only aim
My good fortune, it was my gain.

In giving he received much more
From men on high and from the poor,
Satisfied he was a common man
He was devoted to the land.

With a style all his own
Life was stripped down to the bone,
Equality was his only pride,
Snobs, he took them in his stride.

Sharing a moment from the past
A friend, a character, with a memory that will last,
“Milzeoch” was my friend’s name
Rest in peace in the hall of fame.

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