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Forgotten Deadly Sins ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Do you think folk in this world today
Really bother about the Seven Deadly Sins
We know that the sins are every part of daily life
Parts of all our struggles and our strife
I think the first one is vanity some people call it Pride
Depends how you look at life and from which side

Now Gluttony is something were all guilty of every single day
We overfill ourselves with goodies while the starving can only pray
I can't remember how they run whether its Wrath or is it Greed
It's something we never ever seem to think about anymore
what grows first in life is it the plant before the seed

Anyway, I know there is Sloth and Wrath
Their meanings changed for each and every one
This is the 21st century and changes have been done
Another one is Lust its ruining the world today
For man and woman have given up all the things in life that's dear
That they were born to love, before Envy got in the way

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