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Forget your Scotland Dream! ©

This poem is a rhyme in my German original. I would prefer to keep it but that wasn’t possible without changing my intention too much. I hope the translation means something to you. Thanks for taking the time of reading. ~ S N R

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Do not let yourself be dragged down by the past
And never as if life was only borrowed at times
Do not always think back with intensity of past times
Confidently hammer out your very new future fortune
Why should you know everything about your ancestors?
Without every part of the puzzle, surely you won’t miss anything
Your only home is in our beautiful German country
What’s the use for us human beings of long-since lost clans?
Forget this constantly re-occurring Scottish dream
You cannot do anything with your Celtic genealogical tree

Spare me such well-meant advice please
I am old enough to take life into my own hands
Yet too long, I have conscientiously said “yes” to all
And not bravely asked for personal alternatives.
Do I have to be 60 years old before courageously kicking out
In the future not to cower from anything and anybody anymore?
Anyway I won’t forget my Celtic dream for certain
At the end of adoption’s dark tunnel a ray of light shines
Alba and Eire will remain my most beautiful dream ‘til death.
From a distance I view Inverness and the Isle of Skye
(In the evening glow by a web cam every day!)

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