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Flying into the Stratosphere ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Down in our world where all is dull,
There is a place above the clouds...
Where the thin air stabs all the doubts -
All those troubles stuck in one's skull!

We dream to reach serenity
That can be found in the big sky.
To reach the stars we need to fly;
Uncage our will and gravity.

To fly into the stratosphere
We've imagined a stratagem;
The Montgolfiers used hydrogen -
The Wright brothers, with kerosene.

With time and imagination
Man has conquered a new frontier.
Weaving a web of creation,
From balloonist to rocketeer!

...Now we're watching the stratosphere!
Below the world hidden by clouds...
On the runway I left my doubts -
I am the swan born with no fear.

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