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Flower of Scotland - (a parody) ©

John McCormick
Bass Lake, Ontario, Canada

Oh Flower of Scotland
When will I see,
Your like again.
I cried when I left your
Wee bit hill and glen.
Some hated Rangers,
Some hated the Celtic,
We Scots have aye been
Easy led.

Some still hate the English,
They were our Allies!
We went tae war and,
We hated the Germans,
We hated the Tallies,
We broke their shop windaes,
They’re now on the home team.
From where Wallace bled,
We were easy led.

Oh proud King Edward’s
Lang deid and buried,
Only the hatchet,
Is lingering still.
Let’s bury that yin,
Life is for the living,
About Wallace bled,
Enough’s been said.

Oh when will mankind,
Come to it’s senses,
Just look at Ireland,
They’re fightin’ still,
They never will.
A quote by Voltaire, says,
"Let’s look to Scotland
for Civilization"
From where Wallace bled,
All must be led.

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