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Fit Micht Hae Been ©

167 men were lost from the Piper Alpha on 6th July 1988
In memory of James Gordon and the family he left behind.

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Fergie ma menners
as I stan' an' stair.
The Men o' Steen
distracht ma thochts,
blind ma vision fae the present
an' I wonder fit micht hae been.
They look sae cauld an' dreich
nae sun can warm their faces
or wipe awa' the names
forever etched a'neath their feet.

I waited hopin' fer word
ye'd been found,
ye'd rush hame
gie me a smile
an' ca' me o'er
in yer excitement fer life,
but ye never came.
I'll nae forget that day in July,
all I could hear wis the
bairnies screechin' their fear
at the T.V. screen.
I mouthed yer name time efter time.
Oh, fit micht hae been.

Even today, years later
I canna believe yer gone.
Nae mair will ye whistle in the gerden,
nae mair will ye chase the weans
up an' doon the stairs.
It's too late tae say I'm sorry
fer a' the things I should hiv deen,
fer a' the times I widnae haud yer han'
or mak' it richt fan I wis wrang.
I wonder noo, fit micht hae been.
Nithin' will fill the gap ye left,
naebody else will tak' the roads
ye micht hae taen.
Each year I'll stan' here beside
a' that's left o' the 'Piper',
whisper some tender words,
turn ma back on ye 'till the next time,
an' wonder, fit micht hae been.

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