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First Love ©
(On the Tip of my Nose)

...And still remember it.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

First love blooms like
A wild primrose;
A beam of sun
Through low grey sky -
Your heart
On the tip of my nose...
I feel its warmth,
I don't know why.

First love scents like
A young white rose;
Filling our days
Of innocence -
Your smile
On the tip of my nose...
It makes no plea,
Yet so much sense.

First love,
Awesome at a high dose;
Soothing opium
We breathe its thrills -
Your lips
On the tip of my nose...
Like losing steps
On snowy hills.

First love looks like what?
Quelque chose(!)
A new feeling
In a cold house -
"Je t'aime"
On the tip of my nose...
Like a fire,
Flames to arouse.

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