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First Light ©

The CSM and myself sat contemplating the approaching dawn, and after nine years in the army, I was given my first proper definition of "First Light" by Colin Price. "It's not the actual ability to define and see shapes. First light is where you are able to define the actual colours, rather than just mentally perceive what you know to be green, or blue, or grey, because your brain tells you that is what the object's colour is supposed to be".

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

It's dark, but not quite,
It's almost day, but not quite.
Half haze, grey gloom, but not quite.
Not red, nor green, not grey, nor white.
Almost day, almost, but not quite.
When you differentiate between colours.
You've got first light.
Almost day, almost, but not quite.

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