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William Carolan
Luton, England

Her lips met mine it really was bliss,
it was my first date with this charming young miss.
We met at a dance in our local hall,
the first time I met her she held me enthralled.
It was love at first sight, I was really smitten
I knew then that the love bug had bitten.
I really do hope this time it will last,
as the love bug has let me down in the past.
This time I hope she will be the one,
who clears away the dark clouds and brings out the sun.
On so many issues we seemed to agree,
I feel sure she is the one for me.
Our next date is one week away,
I can't wait, I'm counting the days.
A trip to London is what we have planned,
to see all the sights and walk down the strand.
Maybe visit Harrods, have tea at the Ritz,
go to a Show, see one of the hits.
Before leaving the city and saying goodbye,
we will finish our day on the London eye.

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