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First Blood ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

We were all lined up waiting
Apprehension was running rife
Before this day was over
I would've died or taken a life.

How had it all come to this?
Did our leaders really try?
Would I stand or run away
When I heard the battle cry?

The order was given, "Advance!"
Driving all thought from my head
I ran on firing and avoiding
Ignoring those places that bled.

The thunder of the guns deafened me
I could not hear the death cries
And I was so full of blood lust
I seemed no longer human, or wise.

I did not hear the cease fire
That battle just came to an end
Falling on my knees I then prayed
Over the remains of my best friend.

We had both joined the same day
To help keep this world more free
He had this one bloody battle
Now it's left to the likes of me.

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