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Fight for Your Rights.... ©

Mystery Rose

Have you ever trusted a stranger with important issues you face?
And you thought they were listening and had your best interest at heart
But you find out later, they were out to get you and to tear your life apart

I stood up to power they tried to knock me down
My head feels all scrambled because I fell to the ground
I stand here confused
I don't really understand what is it they tried to do
I just know that I feel very, very sad
I wished I could find the strength again that I once had

I don't know how to make it better
I don't know how to make it through
I just know to stand up for what matters for that is what is true

I can't stay down for they will come at me again
I need to regain my footage, and not stand in one place
My heart feels as if it is wounded, shattered and torn
My head is all mixed up and I am feeling very worn

Stand up to what matters
Stand up and fight for what is true
For within your journey
Justice will see you through

Stand up to what matters
Find a way to make it through
Never give up fighting
for the belief that is within you

One person can make a difference
One heart can heal the next
One song can fill the emotions
One prayer can be heard at last

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