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Fat Cats ©

David Russell McLean
Edinburgh, Scotland

I haud ye, but, in versed disdain
On par wi' winter's sleety rain
See the effluent doon yon drain
Which piss would sweeten...
Sympathy! I'll gie ye nane
If catch ye greetin.

Imposing yer will on us, unhealthy
Classing yersel because yer wealthy?
Akin tae yon bats wha bide in a belfry
Getting under oor skin,
Huh! moves are in place which are stealthily
Chosen tae humble yer grin.

Repent, repent, shun the devil
Conduct yersel a bit mair civil
Yer point o' view...contemptable drivel
Despair, despair,
We can picture a cocky pompous swivel
On a fancy office chair.

Come tae yer senses, fae the brink
Afore a legal move in ink
Self-righteousness is a poignant stink
So said Moses,
The difference atween reality's link
And the door that closes!

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