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Fast Love ©

Food for thought...

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Every time I think of love,
it's like
going to McDonald's...
always queuing
for a good time -
the menu lies above
my eyes,
cheese and french fries?"
I'm just craving
for a hot-dog (!)

Every time I dream of love,
it's like crunching
juicy burgers...
undress the meat
off its mustard,
gherkins - but
keep chilly peppers (!)
"Will you eat in,
or take away?"
I'm pondering - I just
don't know.

What do you think when
you hear "love"?
some juicy beef -
face of Ronald?
Millions of teeth
around tables
want to bite in -
have felt the rush...
meat eaters or
they're just faking
an orgasm.

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