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Farewell Fosalea ©

J.M. Smith
Illinois, USA

The Chabamuck bounded to the rim of the basel
and tossed down rimkens in a pile on the floor,
as the Dac soared high to the top of the gazel
and caught odors of Meppet from the shandelin shore.

In the mishgo the Seran crept stealthily forward
not missing a movement of the Cupstinger's net.
In the background the Lissing rushed silently shoreward
engulfing the Tiggle that hadn't moved yet.

The Kipes in their sapjacks made gurgling noises
as they waited for mother to bring them their zist,
and the Meese settled down on the flowering Poises
as the Niptattle swallowed the lingering mist.

I lay in the nimnot and listened intently
to hear the sweet sound of the Macakasee.
Like a lover it nudged me ever so gently
chasing the soul of the savage from me.

And the Lillet blinked at my catinial weeping,
and I opened my eyes to the eye of the E.
Next to my heart my shedzie was sleeping,
never seeing or hearing or speaking to me.

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