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Farewell ©

Stewarton, Scotland

My passing brought you to this place
Where it seems the Sun will never grace
You will emerge, from cage of sorrow
And turn your life towards tomorrow

A rudderless ship upon the waves
You'll weep for things the past enslaves
This tempest's fury struggled through
Where calmer waters wait for you

Immortal in thought, I shall reside
And walk forever by your side
I'll give you strength, when you are weak
Wrap you in warmth, the comfort you seek

You'll gather the pieces, scattered around
Move on, with blessing, never be bound
Our children, my image will always reflect
There'll be moments, by chance, a glimpse you'll detect

To the future cast thought, what your world will unveil
A journey you'll make, on fresh seas set sail
I'll linger on this shore awhile, relax upon its beach
Wait for your return to me, your final waters reached

And when we meet again, my love, we'll walk upon the sand
As if we'd never been apart, strolling hand in hand
And with the turning of the tide the years would wash away
Youthfully together then for each and every day

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