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Fantasy Island ©

To the uprooted Chagos Islanders who died of sadness, and to those who are still surviving a forced exile in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Jewel in our institutions,
that dark side of democracy,
where some natives seem
less worthy,
we take their land,
gas dogs and cats -
starve them of our humanity.
In the name
of peace-keeping sake,
champions of our
own liberty,
law enforcers, right abusers -
behind closed doors
seal secret deals,
lie to the face of
our whole world
to sell away a bit of sand,
lost paradise -
an island for a head,
some Polaris missile...
Two thousand souls,
cleared, evicted,
lost their faith in
Britannia's crown;
aliens in their
own ocean,
die of sadness in misery -
a fingerprint to keep them out,
they didn't know London's language.
Uncle Tom calls it home, his
fantasy island.

Shetland, Diego Garcia
share a same fate;
a sole passport stamped in Croydon...
"Dieu et mon droit"
lettered in gold,
God saves this
gracious monarchy.

Poet's note: Thanking John Pilger, freelance journalist, for his courageous film on the fate of a nation robbed of their ancestral home by the world's guardians of freedom.

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