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Fallujah ©

Stewart Findlay
Kilmarnock, Scotland

For the Americans burned and hung on the bridge
From Queen’s County where the firemen live
To the people of Fallujah a collective punishment
Our God is bigger than yours

“He’s dead now.“ said the soldier
firing into the wounded man’s head
dead men tell no tales
unless there’s a camera embedded

The dead and the wounded strapped with explosives
dressed to ambush American soldiers
An embrace of death from a squad of corpses
Dead men do tell tales

The fall of Fallujah calling for revenge
men of fighting age interned
Sweating sewers and rotting corpses
the city gardens fertilised by the dead

Saddam Hussein didn’t live in a cave
Osama bin Laden was not an Iraqi
the war on terror was lost in Kansas
with the Zionist question the Israelis and the Arabs

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