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Falkland Hill ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

climbing feet
tramp their upward way
to catch a glimpse
of far scenes and vistas
from your rocky nipple

heaving chests
flood their stagnant lungs
to flush the blood
with great gulps of fresh air
in your swirling eddies

grazing sheep
raise their cautious heads
to mark how near
them, dog or child will stray
from your well-worn pathways

changing hues
splash their vivid tints
to match the shades
of nature's seasoned moods
on your canvas aspect

rising slopes
mold their pap-like curves
to stand in relief
by day and night, through time,
round your smooth prominence

passing years
etch their worried lines
to age our faces,
but time and the cold blast
change not your countenance

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