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Eyes Down for the Next Day ©

Ken Waddell
Falkirk, Scotland

Sitting here, what do I see?
People sitting down just like me
Iím in a square looking around
Many walking by, round and round

Would it not be great if they would look high?
Even once before they die
People in suits have a purpose they believe
Working for users that will later deceive

Children wide eyed live for the day
Why canít the parents leave it that way?
Tourists snapping what they can from the day
A pity that life wasn't always that way

Just for a moment someone looks at me
I must be an odd one for looking at thee
I keep my stare and raise a smile
He looks at me and runs a mile

Why canít we look without suspicion?
Who is creating this division?
Perhaps I should look down the next day
At least in that way they'll keep out of my way

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