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Expectations in March ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Overcasted sky high above
And the nights down much too cold
The days actually not better
However children throw snowballs
On the schoolyard although prohibited
With a laughter like only children have
Till the ring calls for next lesson
Lesson of difficult theme

Sunbeams timidly fight their ways
And the snow begins to melt
The feet uncomfortably numb
However fingers resist gloves
On the slippery path in the heath village
Impatient faces of spring expectations
Till the darkness covers that season
Season of late awakening

Flowers flourish now only in pots
And some windowsills are well armed
The garden is still snow-covered
However I suspect already the new life
On the meagre field in front of my house
I would like to motivate this month
Till it allows me the poetry journey in March
March of some fulfilled dreams

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