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Every Day Is a Bonus ©

Fife, Scotland

Garnered from listening
Delving where many avoid
I feel my days are precious
Each in a necklace of gems

The bright golden days
A blue sapphire sky
Silver mist grey clouds
Raindrop's diamonds drip from green leaves

Childlike wonder at snow
The changing moon each month
A walk by the sea in winter
Daisies in a park in June

It takes the testimony
Of a man whose days are few
To open my eyes hone my senses
To the wonder in each life

Dark nights when souls weep
Gift in their perverse way
A seat in the theatre of life
To share from anotherís view

The gift of a gem of wisdom
Remembered when things feel wrong
Is a gift beyond pearls or rubies
Itís to live each day as it comes

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