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Even Spiders Live in Kings Palaces ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

I have a friend who
I call Richard the Lion Hearted
we met some years ago
when he first started
his personal crusade for the
down trodden and broken hearted.

To feed the hungry
and broken in spirit
those with addictions
and other afflictions
Those who live in darkness
in need of Benediction.

Broken bones can be repaired
he replies but a heart is so fragile
and no one really cares
when someone dies inside.

Fear comes with the night
for the children of the night.
and I must keep a vigil
keep them in my sight.

For when the thief comes a knockin'
There'll be a Holy War
and an unholy fight.

Suddenly he laughs
throws his head back and roars
There's a twinkle in those Irish eyes
and yet he seldom speaks of
his Swedish side.

There's a sudden hush
he whispers there's something
a scratchin' at the door
For let the tale be told
when the Tommy Knockers of old
come a knockin' I'll be ready for em'
with a nice surprise.
Meet my friend Walter and I'll
see ya in the bye and bye.

P.S. And when this life is over
I'll fly away old glory
I'll fly away!

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