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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

The dogs at night just prowl and bark,
sentries with their lanterns spark.
Every place they search and pokes,
while darkness hides two frenzied blokes.

A Soldier's duty is never done,
even though he has no gun.
His duty is forever clear,
his last thoughts for his Mother dear.

The night is cold and snow is falling,
as sentries to each other calling.
Should they make a dash or not
if they are caught they will be shot.

The hand lights whirr as levers pressed,
and done real fast the light is best.
It pokes and searches through the dark,
escaping Prisoners so to mark.

Soon the searching lights move on,
the moon behind a cloud has gone.
Now it's time to move and fast
move too slow could be your last.

The shadows hide the fleeing two
but footprints in the snow are new.
And one sharp Guard with light so bright
shouts with glee with all his might.

* "Ich habe der Englander gefund,
ich glauber um die ecker rund!"
So all the others rush to see,
and collect the two with much glee.

Boots and rifles are but tools,
but Jerry often breaks the rules.
It matters not if you are caught or run,
at dawn you may face a gun.

The war has gone and years roll by,
But some remember with a sigh.
The time when with racing heart,
It seemed so hard with life to part.

The moon still goes behind yon cloud,
And kids of grandpa are so proud.
The only thing I wish and pray,
a war won't take my sons away.

* I have found the Englander just round the corner.

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