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Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Shed no sad tears for me now I am gone
there really is no reason you should grieve
the sun still shines and life will still go on
so be content till your turn comes to leave

Do not despair for I have not gone far
and time is but a fleeting, twinkling star
the days the hours and months they all are naught
for in the mystic circlet they are caught

In times traverse I move in ageless spheres
and count the days in aeons not in years
I have left behind the mystery of Mars
and climbed the endless stairway to the stars

Yet in the fullness of eternal years
we all shall pass along the endless ways
and smile at all our trivial childish fears
that plagued us all our earthly human days

So smile and dry your tears and weep no more
though I am gone in spirit I am here
we all are part of what has gone before
and all we have to conquer is our fear

Rejoice and smile as you laugh in content
And count your endless blessings while you may
for yesterday is but a passing dream
that is fast fading on it's endless way

for if tomorrow never ever comes
we cannot prove today was ever here
then surely we are truly all immortal
in an eternal endless timeless sphere

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