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End of Hope ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

I've always lived beside the sea
we built a home my wife and me
and thro' the years we've had one wish
to own a boat and hunt for fish
and now I'm torn with pain inside
all is gone, all have died
lost them all this winter's day
to giant waves-as skies turned grey
there's nothing here to drink or eat
our house is gone and I am beat
find my wife and children too
before this mud, it turns to glue
I've lost my children and my wife
should I go on or end my life
lost our boat and all its crew
tell me God, What can I do?
You know, You know I love the sea
why-why did it do this to me?
it took our house our families-friend
as I look around, is this the END!

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