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Empathy ©

John McCormick
Bass Lake, Ontario, Canada

Right now, my brain is working still.
I hope, in truth,
It always will, up to the end.
But, please remember,
When, I say,
Things twice, or more,
I'm not quite, the who, I was before.
And yet, I am.
I just forget.
Please, forgive me
And just let me say.
This may happen, to you one day.
I hope it doesn't, and I pray,
That you listen, to all I say,
'fore I forget.
'Cause I, was once, as sharp as you.
Today, I don't recall,
Too much, at all.
My memory,
The sly deserter,
Has left me now.
But, I still live and fret,
About what, I can't remember.
It's so easy, to Forget.

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