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Emotional Stuff ©

When I asked an elderly group of friends the benefits of old age in our modern society.

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Patient Death ©

What's the point of sitting here, sitting all alone
when I'm sitting here suffering each breath to keep me going
It's pills that keep me living, inhalers let me breath
I'm dying from emphysema I just crackle and I wheeze
What is the point of living; suffering this existence
what's the point of all pills; I'll never go the distance
O please God take me, take me in my sleep
or another day will pass me by and another day I'll weep.

Lonely ©

Do you know what it is like to be lonely; alone without a friend
no one else to talk to, your life seems at its end
sitting watching four grey walls, smoking like a lum
begging for some company; will no one ever come
It's when this feeling gets inside you and you cannot get to sleep
and you shake deep within yourself; alone you need to weep
when you really get this lonely with no chance for you to mend
is life really worth the living or would death be just a friend.

Thi Worry ©

A jist sit here worryin, worryin awe thi time
A cannae sleep fir worryin, A'll soon gan oot ma mine
A wa-antid tae live here, jist live here bi ma-sell
how wis A tae know A'd bi lonely, A'm share a coodnae tell
A jist feel sae lonely, sittin bi ma-sell
not yin soul tae tak tae it maks mi sic unwell
thi didnae explain it awe thi things A'd miss
nae buddy said tae me this wid bi lik this

Demands cum in broon envelopes, awe thi wa-ant is money
Demandin, demandin, awe thi time it really isnae funny
Letters frae thi Coonsil; threats tae kick mi oot
Demands, demands fir hunners, thi dinnae care a hoot

A jist sit here worryin, smokin awe thi time
A cannae sleep wi worryin A'll soon gan oot ma mine

Ina ©

It's two months since my Jimmy went
he'd struggled for years; it was just before Lent
and folks have been great, they've all rallied round
I've not spent one penny, not needed a pound
the Social's been round, I've got a Domestic
she's so good to me, just simply fantastic
It's at night when they've gone that I feel it the most
I sit and I brood---------I feel quite lost
on goes the Telly and then it goes off
what was that, that I heard, did my Jimmy just cough
I've got to look you never know
I know it's nonsense but I have to go
Then it's off to bed, the worst bit of the night
I just toss and turn or read by the light
I--miss his goodnight kiss when we went to bed
and laugh at the memory of the things that he said
and, that lovely feeling when he held my hand
Will I ever get over the loss of my man.

Treason ©

I was asked to visit an old lady just the other day
'I thought you weren't coming' were the words I heard her say
the house it felt so cold, as cold as any tomb
so I asked if she had been in Hospital as I glanced around the room
She said, 'I'm almost blind and I'm struggling to hear'
and she didn't know the signs; it was then I saw a tear
I asked her if she'd had breakfast. 'She said she'd never ate
and never had a drop to drink although the day was late.'
I said I'd get the kettle on and make a pot of tea
then looked around the kitchen to see what I could see.
The room was badly organised with nothing in my reach
as I opened up an enormous fridge there was an awful stink of bleach
The shelves were packed with bags and things, enough to feed a horse
everything in giant portions, with lids she'd have to force
The eggs according to the stamp were completely out of date
and scraps of bread were mouldy, stuck to a patterned plate
Some cold meat was lying wrapped within some foil
and a piece of cheese all cracked and dry as hard as clay-baked soil
I thought hard for a moment, perhaps I'd make a treat
I'd try for scrambled eggs if the eggs were safe to eat
I put them in deep water to watch if any would bob up
just two I found were safe to eat those I beat up in a cup
I mixed the cheese amongst it, it grated up quite fine
then popped it in a microwave; four minutes was the time
As I laid it out before her she claimed it was a feast
and ate it up so rapid with three cups of tea at least
I made another pot and laid it on the table
asked if she could lift it; she tried and said 'I'm able'
There I left my client hoping she could cope
wondered how she managed, struggling without hope
I spoke to my Manager who passed it down the line
and when I heard the answer I really didn't feel so fine
Nothing could be done for her according to her son
his Mother was well looked after with all her housework done
He said she wanted in a Home; there was no chance of that
as he controlled her purse-strings, he'd keep her wallet fat
According to the System there is nothing we can do
but if this girl was a little girl, We would share a different view!

Golden Aniversary ©

Aye it's fifty years this Christmas that she became ma wife
An' despite awe oor trials an' tribulations, glad wi met in life
thro' awe oor winchin' days wid argi every day
an' hur mates wid say, 'That man yiv gote, will sharely nivver stay

Wi hud four boe-ys, jist yin efter thi ither
thi wur jist like peas in a pod, an' each yin like thir mither
an' things wur fine fur us until thi reached intae thur teens
aye life fur us taen a bad turn, whin thi lived ootside thur means

It started wae oor eldest smokin' whin at skill
wi didnae ken thi half o' it, it wis drugs an' they kun kill
he stole tae feed his habit, taen money frae hur purse
A cannae tell yi thi things he'd dae tae feed this awfie curse

An' despite awe thir promises tae both me an' thir mam
his brothers jist followed him; thi didnae care a damn
thid lie an' cheat an' steal an' rob, tae shoot intae thir erm
or sniff or pop or smoke thi stuff, thi didnae ken its herm

Wae-in ten years wid lost three boe-ys, dea-in' in despair
overdosed wi heroin; fur us it wisnae fair
Thi youngest, he screwed thi heed fir a few mair years at least
settled doon, hud a faemly, wi thought he'd tamed thi beast

He hud three wee girls, ages ten tae four
wi used tae gan-an visit, thid meet us at thi door
wi felt right prood whin wi saw thim, thought things wur goin' right
an' thim weans wid gae us drawin's; wi thought thi wur quite bright

It wis whin thi youngest said she'd a new granny, wi thought it kin-a strange
an' whin a listened tae whit thi wean said, A flew intae a rage
Thir new granny an' grandpa wur thi folks that lived next door
the granny fed ma boe-y wi drugs wi this a felt sae sore

but hur man, he wis thi Bastard, tae gae himsell some thrills
abused oor pair wee grandweans, abused they little girls
Wi goe-at thi Polis, the Social Workers too
they took thi weans intae Care, wi rarely see thim noo

An' noo wiv lost oor youngest, he disnae want tae know
wi thought this wid be thi last straw oor final body blow
but God can be right cruel whin he sees yir really doon
whin yir settled in yir bubble he'll nip yir wee balloon

A lost ma leg tae gangrene an' mam hus lost hur sight
but we'll celebrate oor special day this cumin' Christmas night.

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